Security Self Storage

Need Space? Security Self Storage is the Place


What is the length of a lease at Security Self-Storage?

Leases are payable on a monthly basis beginning the day you move in. Each payment is due on the same day of each month as the day you moved in.

What sizes are available and how much does each cost?

We have a wide variety of sizes available, and the price is different for each size. Sizes and corresponding prices are listed on the Available Spaces page.

What are the hours of operation, can I come and go

The Security Self-Storage premises are governed by an electronic keyless-entry gate and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What security measures protect valuables

An eight-foot high chain link fence surrounds the storage units, with a 24-hour electronic gate and night lighting.

Security Self Storage in Blacksburg, Virginia, provides storage solutions to the entire Blacksburg and New River Valley area, including Virginia Tech. Whether you're storing business records, household items, , automobiles, boats, boating equipment, trailers, campers, dorm or apt. furnishings, vending supplies, or motorcycles, Blacksburg Self Storage has the perfect storage unit for you.

Our on-site resident manager ensures that our service level is high and our facility is under 24 hour observation. All of our units are ground level with easy access so you won’t have to haul your belongings up elevators or flights of stairs. Stop by or call our facility today to talk to a manager about how we can meet your storage needs! 

All rates are monthly fees, based on nominal sizes.

Availability varies daily, please call 540-951-0100 to confirm availability

Available Storage Spaces 

5' x 5'......... $58 per month Boxes and miscellaneous items. 

5' x 10'....... $69 per month Some furniture (bed, couch, boxes) 

10' x 10'..... $85 per month One bedroom apartment 

10' x 15'..... $97 per month

10' x 20'..... $125 per month One - Two bedroom apartment 

10' x 25'..... $140 per month Small House or Car 

10' x 14'..... $50 per month Camper/Vehicle (exterior parking) 

Our Facilities are Clean and Convenient

We are located just a short distance from Virginia Tech University. We pride ourselves on providing safe and clean storage, for all of your valuables while you are in school, or between homes.