Security Self Storage

Need Space

Security Self-Storage is the place.

What sizes are available and how much does each size cost?

We have a wide variety of sizes available, and the price is different for each size. Sizes and corresponding prices are listed on the Available Spaces page.

What is the length of a lease at Security Self-Storage?

Leases are payable on a monthly basis beginning the day you move in. Each payment is due on the same day of each month as the day you moved in.

What are the hours of operation, when can I come and go from my storage unit?

The Security Self-Storage premises are governed by an electronic keyless-entry gate and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I get to Security Self-Storage?

From South Main Street in Blacksburg, turn off at the National Bank of Blacksburg and South Main Auto Service and proceed up the hill.

The storage units are constructed of metal, with concrete floors and metal roll-up doors.

What security measures protect the items I keep at Security Self-Storage?

An eight-foot high chain link fence surrounds the storage units, with a 24-hour electronic gate and night lighting.